Youth For Social Change

Our Purpose :

One of the major issues contemporary democracies face in in Europe is the political disengagement of the young people when it comes to traditional politics or organizational membership.

The project partners determine political participation among young people as:

  1. Any lawful activities undertaken by citizens that will or aim at influencing, changing or affecting the government, public policies, or how institutions are run and
  2.  A diverse range of activities such as people being members of different organisations, participating in cultural organisations, or activities, signing petitions, protesting, contacting politicians, social media campaigning, engaging online, etc.



Our Topics :

  • EU Citizenship, EU awareness and Democracy
  • Youth (Participation, Youth Work, Youth Policy)
  • Access for disadvantaged

Our Targets :

The overall aim of the project is the promotion of active youth participation through youth work. To achieve this aim, the partners will first work on the competence development of youth professionals (youth workers, youth trainers, mentors of ESC volunteers).

Specific objectives (SO):

  • SO1 To understand the level, depth and dimensions of integration of the political dimension into the trainers’ work in the partner countries (with the implementation of Research).
  • SO2 To build on the capacity of the youth organisation in managing active citizenship initiatives by developing the competences of young voluntary coordinators and young volunteers.
  • SO3 To learn how to use innovative methods which are attractive to the young people with fewer opportunities in order to stimulate youth participation in general but also with a focus on contemporary issues which affect Human Rights such as
    • a) Democracy & human rights
    • b) Fighting anti-Semitism & anti-Islamism
    • c) Gender equality & rights to sexuality
    • d) Climate change
  • SO4 To enable youth workers understand the social media and to provide them with tools and procedures to run successful online campaigns together with the youth on issues that affect the youth and the societies they live in.

The project will equip the youth professionals with practical tools to use in their work. The youth workers will support the active participation of the young people with fewer opportunities with the aim to bring about social change. The project will reinforce the international dimension of youth work and the capacities and international scope of the partners. Ultimately, the project will impact the influence and recognition of youth work.