Background information

It is a major problem in our democracies today that more and more young people are no longer interested in politics and are primarily withdrawing from “traditional” structures, e.g. not voting or not getting involved in parties, but also other associations.

Therefore, the participating organizations of this project want to promote the engagement of young people so that they become committed citizens and actively help to shape the society in which they live.

Objectives and results of the project

The socio-political commitment of young people is to be promoted. In order to provide “youth workers” with tools for this purpose, the project primarily tested innovative non-formal methods of imparting knowledge to young people and developed them further for topics that are currently relevant to social policy. The methods:Lego Serious PlayPhotovoiceTheater of the OppressedKahoot! Quizzes Themes:Democracy and human rightsCombating anti-Semitism and IslamophobiaGender justice & right to sexual self-determinationClimate change As part of the project, the partners produced the following results:Research & Report: to what extent do “youth workers” (youth social workers, teachers, youth trainers and leaders) also feel responsible for the political education of young people, or how “political” do they understand their work to be? Here, a country comparison was carried out (with the implementation of research).Guide and manual and instructional video: “How to organize an ‘European Citizenship Initiative’?”Guide and manual on how to use the 4 non-formal learning methods to promote youth engagement.Manual on how to run an online campaign on social issues Project website:All results are available for download on the following website: